Wine tasting tour of Bordeaux at the Boutique Hotel Wine Bar

Learn all about Bordeaux wines at the Wine Bar wine tastings

Every day from 5 pm the sommelier and his team invites you to enjoy a blind wine tasting that he calls  «Les Terroirs de Bordeaux» 

The principle is simple, anyone can book when they want. Alone, with friends or with colleagues after work, both connoisseurs and the curious can come and share a fun and friendly experience.

Explanations of  your sommelier at the Wine Bar Boutique Hotel Bordeaux

"At first, I talk with people to identify their personality, know their tastes in wine, the flavors they like it's more of an amateur powerful red wines and full-bodied or otherwise a first meeting with a dry white wine and light. I suggest everyone a first wine without giving any information. 

I explain the origin, flavors and balance in the mouth. This is a moment of exchange and sharing. People talk to each other to compare experiences and emotions facing the same wine and give them to as information on the thought they tasted. Far from being a formal workshop, these blind wine tastings are social and all about the pleasure of discovery.

I adapt to each person. Some want many details, others choose to enjoy the taste without too much information to be invaded by the flavors, while others prefer to exchange them. I am very attentive to the wishes of each to offer our customers the best tasting conditions, those in which they feel comfortable." 

The wine pairing with your food is on the house !

At the end of the first wine and remarks that result, Riccardo Mariconti directs tasting staying in the same flavors or changing completely gustatory register. Generally three to four wines are presented, enough to make a short tour of France. Cold cuts and dishes agreement cheeses and wines is offered. (Delicatessen Oteiza, producer and craftsman of the Basque Country and cheese a real cheese artisan)

Every day blind tasting at 5pm in english and 6pm in french : 35€/person accompanied by free Tapas 
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